1. First

Our experts recommend:

  • Inspect belts and hoses every three months/6,000 Km.
  • Inspect A/C system every 12 months/24,000 Km.
  • Check for leaks on an annual basis.

2. Next

Is your A/C working? See your NAPA AUTOPRO service centre if you see any of the following signs of trouble with your air conditioning system:

  • A fan or blower that's louder than usual
  • A compressor that frequently engages and disengages (seen as surge or drop in engine RPM)
  • Rough idling or high engine temperatures whenever you run A/C
  • Dash controls that don't work
  • Musty odours
  • Water on the floor

Keep in mind: It is illegal to re-fill or repair older Freon (R12). System must be upgraded to new R134A refrigerant.