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Our experts recommend:

  • Replace gear lubricant every 24 months/48,000 Km.

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Do you need to replace your gear lubricant? Here are some trouble signs:

  • A high-pitched sound when accelerating or slowing
  • A howling sound
  • A "clunking" when accelerating or shifting between reverse and drive
  • Hopping when turning in one direction only

Rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicles should have their differential lubes changed on a regular basis. Just keep in mind that all gear lubes are not created equal.

  • Synthetic formulas will do a better job at lubricating parts in all operating conditions-particularly extreme heat or cold.
  • Positive-lock differentials-typically known by brand names such as "PositractionTM" or "Traction-LockTM"-can require a special lubricant or the use of an additive.
  • Four-wheel-drive vehicles also have a separate differential for each axle.