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Our experts recommend:

  • Replace transmission fluid and filter every two years or 48,000 Km

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  • Flushing and filling the transmission and torque converter will remove more contaminants than simply draining from the transmission pan.
  • Transmission fluids-with names such as Dexron III/Mercon V, ATF+4 or Type F-are designed for specific vehicles. Your owner's manual or transmission dipstick will recommend a specific formula.
  • Towing and severe driving conditions such as quick stops and starts, steep hills and spinning wheels can all generate heat-and heat is the transmission fluid's biggest enemy. If you regularly expose your vehicle to these severe conditions, consider a premium fluid such as a synthetic formula.
  • Replace your transmission filter whenever you change your transmission fluid. The filter captures contaminants such as the metal shavings that are generated under normal operating conditions. It can even trap broken parts that could lead to bigger problems if they're allowed to travel through the transmission.